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  • Programa a tua vida

    O post do Pedro Cardoso sobre o vídeo que anda por aí sobre o ensino/importância da programação fez-me querer escrever sobre a minha própria experiência. Tive o meu primeiro computador aos 4-5 anos. Era um Timex Computer 2068, um maquinão na altura! Claro que inicialmente jogava alguns jogos que o meu pai me arranjava, mas […]

  • Java app bundle on OS X

    I have a complex project running in one of our biggest clients (one of the best worldwide in it’s area), and the deploy machines are all Apple. Since my software is written in Java, it runs on every OS under the Sun (oh my…), but on the Mac you really want to go the extra […]

  • No display, no go

    In a recent telemetry project, I selected a very small form factor, low power consumption computer to tackle the task of sending data from a factory to another. Since Raspberry Pis and look-alikes are still difficult to source quickly, I went with an industrial solution (an Advantech ARK 1120). Since the machine was to stay […]

  • Servers ahoy!

    I’ve had Apple servers for quite some time now (actually, this MacMini is my fourth Mac doing server roles, after a G3 iBook, a dual G4 MDD PowerMac (power hog alert!) and a beautiful G4 iMac), and I’ve had an incredibly positive experience. Although people are complaining about (Mountain) Lion Server’s simplicity, I believe things […]

  • Space Dreams

    I’ve blogged in the past about space exploration. It’s probably my most inner desire, to explore space beyond our planet. [era uma vez o espaço] It’s not that I want to be an astronaut, get into a spaceship and fly into space. No. What I’d like is to be part of a space exploration mission, […]

  • Hot Swap

    One thing I’ve been absolutely jealous of the PLC world is the ability to hotswap DataBlocks, FCs, etc. I mean, while the PLC is running and executing code, you can simply upload a modified version of an FC (basically a function) and… it just works. The PLC (once the upload is completed) changes the function […]

  • Phobos-Grunt, wake up!

    You might be aware of a very interesting space mission launched this November: the Phobos-Grunt sample return mission. Mission control does not have (2-way) communications with the vessel while in close Earth orbit (yes, this is apparently a planned situation), so it was expected to slingshot away from Earth autonomously. Although the launch went well, […]

  • SAPO Codebits V

    Este fim-de-semana, estive no SAPO Codebits, um evento criado pelo SAPO que junta centenas de programadores portugueses num ambiente fabuloso de criatividade e entre-ajuda. É difícil de categorizar este evento, mas de lá saem todos os anos alguns dos mais avançados, arrojados e tecnologicamente avançados projectos do planeta. Eu adorei a experiência; já tendo participado […]

  • Hiatus

    Yes, I know I haven’t written on this blog as much as I’d like to, but things are starting to normalize. Having a little newborn baby at home and trying to finish my house, along with a very intense work schedule, did not contribute to my free time at all. My personal projects have been […]

  • Codebits V – ignition!

    I’m on my Alfa Pendular train, heading to the Parque das Nações in Lisboa, for the Codebits V! If you’re there, do look me up on the premises! 🙂

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