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Amiga SBC: were are you?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

I would love to have a small SBC (single-board computer) Amiga, with an optional companion touch-screen display. 🙂

Something like a crossbreed between an Amiga A1200 and an Arduino Mega. A small, cheap, powerful, easily programmable SBC.

Imagine a small A1200-like system (on a 12x12cm board), running a dedicated version of AmigaOS 3 (light and fast, 3-second boot time), a 68030-equivalent CPU, 32MB RAM, an updated graphics chip (Sarah) with video out (Composite and VGA/DVI/HDMI), Paula audio, a comms chip (Vera) sporting Ethernet, RS-485, I2C, and GPIO (general purpose digital and analog I/O pins). 7-36V input power, very low power consumption (5W tops).

Advanced users could take full advantage of AmigaOS by developing full-fledged applications (full-screen graphics, lots of programming languages and platforms, control the booting process via Startup-sequence, etc). But for the system to be really popular, one should create a simple IDE (integrated development environment), like the Arduino’s, for the basic functions (GPIO logic, communications, and  some basic touchscreen graphics and widgets).

Sell it for 100€ each board. Sell it 125€ on a small enclosure, with DIN rail and wall mount adapters, and fast-connect headers on the GPIO pins. Sell a 6-inch touchscreen for 150€.

I’d love to have something like this for my projects (industrial control, home automation, telemetry, kyosks, points-of-information, etc)… maybe A-Eon/Hyperion will launch something like this after the X1000?